In order for one to be involved in the business of mining in Zimbabwe, it is imperative that they are familiar with the legislation that regulates operations. This is particularly important, as the legislation details the obligations of holders of mining locations. Listed below are some of the pieces of legislation that govern mining operations:-
· Mines and Minerals Act Chapter 21:05
· Explosives Regulations
· Mining (General) Regulations
· Mining (Managements and Safety)
· Mi n i n g (Hea lt h a n d S a n it a ti o n )

· Mines and Minerals (Custom Milling
Plants) Regulations
· Gold Trade Act
· Precious Stones Trade Act
· Environmental Management Act
· Environmental Regulations
· Forestry Act
· Water Act
· Zimbabwe National Water Authority Act
There are other pieces of legislation that pertain to the operation of commercial ventures such as the Companies Act, the Sales Tax Act, Exchange Control Act and others that mining companies as commercial activities need to comply with. (Hardcopies of all pieces of legislation may be purchased from the Printow).