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May 23 2024 13:15 EST
These are held in all of Zimbabwe’s active mining areas. The focus on each exhibition is bringing the following parties providing:
  • Capital and Equipment;
  • Policy and Regulation;
  • Knowledge and Technical Expertise.
  • The thrust of these exhibitions is to bring together the mining sector to share best practices.
    Alongside each Minex exhibition, conferences are held to offer practical solutions to miners. Minex also holds an annual Mining and Agriculture Conference to explore synergies between two of Zimbabwe’s largest economic drivers – mining and agriculture.
    Each year Minex provides a printed and digital Miners and Suppliers Handbook. An application has also been developed to enable information exchange and trade for miners.


    Proximity to the Miner

    Minex events are held in areas where mining actually takes place.

    Connected Conversations

    Our partnership with Ya FM-Pulse of the Great Dyke ensures miners are able to connect with conversations wherever they are.

    Focused on Growth

    The focus is on offering practical, actionable, solutions to miners.


    Our platforms connect small scale miners with the appropriate supply chain.


    The virtual platform ensures that the programme is ongoing.

    Shared Experiences

    Experiences are shared by both large scale and emerging miners.


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