• To work with organizations in continuously scanning their operational environment in order to provide strategic communication and stakeholder engagement solutions.
  • Leaders in the provision of strategic stakeholder management solutions in the extractive and related sectors.

Products and Services

Mejrkh Communications facilitates strategic stakeholder engagement initiatives and tailor-made media solutions in the mining sector. Among its clients are Mimosa Mining Company, the Chamber of Mines and Fidelity Printers and Refiners among others. MEJRKH is the consultancy firm behind MINEX, a forum that facilitates interface between small-scale miners and stakeholders within the mining value chain.

Minex is a physical and virtual information platform designed to ensure that the mining value chain is brought together for sustainable economic growth.

The thrust of these exhibitions is to bring together the mining sector to share best practices. Alongside each Minex exhibition, conferences are held to offer practical solutions to miners. Minex also holds an annual Mining and Agriculture Conference to explore synergies between two of Zimbabwe’s largest economic drivers – mining and agriculture.

Each year Minex provides a printed and digital Miners and Suppliers Handbook. An application has also been developed to enable information exchange and trade for miners.

The Mining Village has also been seen as a good illustration of the mining and agriculture ecosystem, their respective value chains and how the different stakeholders can feed off each other. By bringing together well researched data and information in addition to a well thought out exhibition, the conference and exhibition presents a one-stop shop for mining and agriculture players, government, investors etc. By facilitating an understanding of the relationship between the two sectors, The Mining Village and Conference is a prudent point to secure favourable policy, funding and investments that create and expand access to new markets.


Mining Media Awards (MMAs) have become an annual event since 2014 with support from the Chamber of Mines, ZMF and other mining stakeholders. The MMAs honour media practitioners who have significantly contributed towards objective and impactful coverage of the mining sector through the Mining Media Awards.

The Miners and Suppliers Handbook is a solution based listing of large and small scale mines, suppliers and critical stakeholders in the mining sector that serves as a reference, directory and guide on mining related issues. The Mining and Suppliers Handbook complements efforts being made by various stakeholders within the mining industry to increase availability of information on the sector.